Felicity Colac

“Rock Up Netball is exactly what I needed. Time for myself, fun weekly exercise and to meet new people.”

Felicity returned to netball after 10 years being out of the game, joining Rock Up Netball TRAIN sessions at Colac. After having kids, Felicity had a desire to return to the game she had played since 1987 and hasn't looked back ever since - even recommending her other friends to join in on all the fun.

Ceadaoin Moreland

“Moreland Social Competition is lots of fun and very light hearted. Everyone has been really welcoming and helpful, I look forward to going every week.”

Ceadaoin, is an Irish International who had never played netball until she came along to Rock Up Netball Social Competition at Moreland. Caedaoin was put into a team of other Individuals to form the "Pink Panthers", and describes the competition as "a relaxed atmosphere."

Barb Moreland

“You rock up, no hassles, have a laugh and form some friendships. It’s convenient for me, fits perfectly with my life and where I’m at mentally with netball. It’s a home away from home.”

Barb has played netball her entire life, from socially to high level competition. Barb likes the social aspect of Rock Up Netball because no matter where you are at physically, you can enjoy the benefits of sport.

Fran Moreland

“I really enjoy the friendly and easy-going atmosphere. Not knowing anyone when I first attended was a bit daunting but the organisers and players have been very welcoming!”

Fran hadn't played netball since 2014 when she was living in New Zealand. Fast forward four years and she is loving netball again at Rock Up Netball! From the music, cheering of teammates and the friendly competitiveness, Fran finds it an enjoyable atmosphere and extremely welcoming!

Sophie Colac

“I've loved re learning ball skills and making new friends on the court.”

After a long break from netball, Sophie and her friend, Felicity chose to return to the sport as they missed what is was like in high school. Initially Sophie struggled to find time to play, but chose to make it a priority. Sophie's quirky sense of humor and positive attitude has led to endless laughs at Colac and a pleasure to be around!

Emma Moreland

“I last played netball in 1997. My worries of being too rusty, old or unfit didn’t stop me from giving it a go. Rock Up Netball has made it easy to get back into the sport!”

Emma last played netball in 1997! She found there were no barriers with Rock Up Netball as she could register as an individual and all skill levels can join the competition. Emma loved the overall vibe and found everyone incredibly friendly and supportive. She appreciated the umpires and their patience of taking time to education players on the rules of the game. Best of all new friendships have been formed! (Emma pictured top right)

Helen Moreland

“It’s really nice that people are coming together of different ages, fitness levels and experiences of the sport. I enjoy it!”

At first, Helen was nervous about coming along to play netball for the first time but after joining a team, and meeting other people she enjoys coming along each Thursday night to Moreland Social Competition.

Fiona Vermont South

“It's fun; I love that I'm exercising, that it's a team sport, and love when I contribute to my team scoring.”

Fiona has played netball regularly over 10 years until she started Rock Up Netball. "It gave me the confidence and skills to get out there, join a team and get into playing again. The sessions are welcoming and easy to get involved no matter your skill level. I always come away and learn something. I now play netball once a week at a morning comp and attend Rock Up Netball Train sessions." (Fiona, pictured on the right)

Jo Moreland

“The atmosphere of the competition is very friendly and the players are so encouraging of each other.”

Jo has been playing netball on and off over the past 30 years, but after having kids she took a break and has returned to the Moreland Social Competition after 7 years. Jo loved that she could enter as an Individual and be put into a team where she has made new friends. She has loved the friendly nature and her teammates encouraging each other. (Jo pictured on the top second from the right.)

Trudes Colac

“New friends, new attitude to exercise, daily walks that have turned into jogs..I feel healthier and fitter and have a love for exercise.”

Trudes first week of Rock Up Netball consisted of numerous breaks, Ventolin and water, as well as aching the next day from head to toe. The following day Trudes went for a walk and it was the start of a "new get fit for me". Fast forward to now, Trudes has gone through numerous clothes and shoes, has a new love for exercise and her walks have turned into 5 km jogs. Trudes has found that Rock Up Netball has allowed her to get fitter and live a healthier lifestyle - and she is beyond pleased!

Ashleah Footscray

“The last time I played netball was 16 years ago, and today I met a great bunch of people.”

Ashleah attended the Rock Up Netball Play Festival at Footscray as an individual but met new people on the night and came away with the win.

Melissa Colac

“Rock Up Netball has put the love of netball back into me, it goes at your own pace, no pressure.”

Rock Up Netball has put the love of netball back into Melissa, as well as her knee! After previously injuring her knee she became too scared to play again, through Rock Up Netball Melissa is able to play at her own pace with no pressure. Melissa is now able to have fun, meet new ladies, learn new drills and increase her exercise levels through Rock Up Netball.

Mark Footscray

“Great results on Tuesday, especially meeting up (with the team) for the first time that evening!”

Mark registered the Mixed Play Festival as an individual and was put in to the 3 Second Rules team. "Superb job Rock Up Netball, looking forward to the competition later this month".

Beverley Vermont South

“I really enjoy Rock Up Netball. I feel very welcome and the opportunity to take a break from life's stresses while getting fitter, meeting new people and having a laugh is great.”

From gaining confidence on court and learning new skills Beverley has joined a team and now plays netball every week.

Cindy Footscray

“We love Rock Up Netball”

Cindy and her friends entered a team in to the Rock Up Netball Play Festival at Footscray. The team, 'Allsorts' also play at the Rock Up Netball Social Competition on Tuesday nights.

Laura Colac

“Getting some exercise, doing something I love and meeting new people along the way has been fantastic.”

Laura hadn't played netball for many years but while she coached her daughters netball team she got the "feel for the ball again". Rock Up Netball was perfect for Laura since she knew she was unable to commit to a team each week. By joining Rock Up Netball, Laura was able to do something she loved, increase her level of exercise and meet new friendly faces at the same time.

Heidi Vermont South

“If I didn't have netball, I wouldn't be doing any exercise...I have met lots of new people at Rock Up Netball who have now become my friends.”

Heidi has been attending Rock Up Netball Train sessions at Vermont South and Box Hill. Heidi always provides a laugh and is such a character.

Kimberly Docklands

“If anyone is wanting a bunch of laughs and to meet new people check out Rock Up Netball! The Play Festival music was pumping and all girls and guys were amazing and fun.”

Kimberly play's netball four times a week but was excited about the oppourtunity to play alongside new people in a fun and social netball tournament.

Gabrielle Colac

“The Rock Up Netball TRAIN sessions are great, covering fun, fitness and friendships!”

Gabrielle attends Rock Up Netball Train sessions at Colac.

Lee Rock Up Netball Coach

“What I love about coaching R.U.N. Train is that it's for everyone from beginners to the more experienced players. It's also nice to see the friendships that have formed through the program.”

"The amazing ladies that I get to meet/coach and that they are from all walks of life. We all have fun and a bit of laugh throughout the session and I like to think that every participant takes away something new or improved from the session, even if that is just the confidence to have a go. It is also nice to see friendships that have formed over time and how welcoming and warm everyone is especially to those new to Rock Up Netball Train." (Lee, pictured on the left)

Lina Darebin

“After not playing netball for several years, I found that the sessions have brought it all flooding back. The building up of different skills each session and then putting them in to practice with a short match is enjoyable.”

Lina attends Rock Up Netball TRAIN at Darebin on Wednesday nights and enjoys the instructors great approach.

Nathan Docklands

“Low-key, fun, friendly, well organised and great structures.”

The Play Festival was low-key, fun, friendly, well organised and great structures. Looking forward to many more.

Rock Up Netball Keilor

“Train sessions were offered in Keilor, where women learnt how to play netball in a fun and welcoming environment. Once they felt comfortable they formed a team. Good work to the ladies who even played in finals!”

Rock Up Netball Train sessions were offered in Keilor, where women could learn how to play netball in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Some women had never played before or had been out of the game for 10+ years. Once they felt comfortable and developed their skills they then formed a team in the social competition. Good work to the ladies who even played in finals!

RACV Docklands

“Play Festival is a great event for Corporates, as its a great way to get out of the office and a good team building activity that's lots of fun.”

RACV entered a team to the Rock Up Netball Play Festival at the Docklands. They were able to get involved in a fun, social and active event.

Ann Wain Box Hill

“The great thing about playing in the Play Festival is that it is fun, non-competitive and a chance to play in a different position.”

Ann Wain's thoughts on Rock Up Netball Play Festival - "Every game we play at our local netball associations are always so competitive and full on. The great thing about playing in the Play Festival is that it is fun, non-competitive and a chance to play in a different position. It's a chance to meet new players and play games without keeping score because the aim is to have fun in a relaxed, casual and friendly environment. So team.. Come along and try it. You might be surprised how many times you smile and laugh instead of complaining about the umpire decisions and your opponent!

Darebin Rock Up Netball

“The ladies who attended Rock Up Netball Train sessions learnt how to play and then formed a team in the local social competition.”

The ladies who attended Rock Up Netball Train sessions were able to learn how to play and improve on current skills. The participants then felt comfortable to play and formed a team together for the Wednesday Night Social Competition at Darebin Netball Association!

Belinda Pakenham

“I’ve just come back to netball after having my baby, and thought Rock Up Netball would help get my fitness back.”

Belinda used to play a lot of mixed netball, but has been on the bench for a couple of years recovering from the delivery of her first child. Belinda participated in the free four-week pilot program in Pakenham and said she enjoyed the break from motherhood and her responsibilities.

Monika Werribee

“I felt confident playing. Everyone was so nice and helpful.”

Jackie Werribee

“I just enjoy holding the netball again.”

Jackie participated in Rock Up Netball at Werribee’s Eagle Stadium on Thursday 22 October. Jackie began playing netball in grade 5 but stopped when she moved to Melbourne to study. That was 28 years ago. The mother of three works full-time and finds that there isn’t enough time in the day to do both jobs effectively and squeeze in a workout. Jackie enjoyed holding a netball again and liked that the Rock Up Netball session was ‘very professional’.

Julie Box Hill

“It was nice to meet some new girls and it was just great staying fit in a fun environment.”

Julie plays netball three times a week and wanted to join Rock Up Netball to complement her current training regime. Although ill health and injuries may sometimes stop Julie from exercising, she said it’s really important to be healthy and set a good example for her children.

Sharyn Pakenham

“It’s a lot of fun and you get to meet new people, and just manage to keep fit while having fun at the same time.”

Sharyn saw Rock Up Netball advertised at her local YMCA in Pakenham. The mother of five decided to register in an effort to keep up with the kids. Sharyn said it was important for her to be a good role model for her children, teaching them the importance of leading an active lifestyle. Sharyn played netball in high school and has been competing in her local senior league for the last few years, but enjoyed practicing skills and perfecting her technique with Rock Up Netball.

Emma Flagstaff Gardens

“I think Rock Up Netball is a good opportunity to ease myself back into more regular physical activity post-baby.”

Emma is the proud mother of one year old Sinaia and works as an EA and Project Manager. Emma thought that Rock Up Netball would be a great way to get active and sent a group email to everyone in the office asking if they were interested in joining the program. Emma and her colleagues enjoyed the convenience of participating, walking to Flagstaff Gardens during their lunchbreak and joining the program without paying a cent. Despite feeling a little sore after the first session, Emma continued to attend the weekly sessions and said; “It’s been just what I needed in terms of getting my self-esteem back.”

Grace Flagstaff Gardens

“Rock Up Netball keeps you healthy, keeps you motivated and is something to look forward to.”

Grace said that Rock Up Netball was something she looked forward to each week. Grace used to play netball with a group of friends, but said that the team dissolved when everyone went their separate ways for study. After a two-year break, Grace is looking to join another netball team and is enjoying Rock Up Netball in the meantime as a way to build her strength and prepare for competition.

Lauren Flagstaff Gardens

“I thought it’d be something good to do during my lunch break… it’s just really good stress relief.”

Lauren Agg has participated in the free, four-week program at Flagstaff Gardens. The 32 year old is a self-professed fitness fanatic and thought that Rock Up Netball would be a good way to ‘get the blood running’ and take her mind off work. Lauren enjoyed the way the coaches built up the activities from small drills to actual game play and thought it was a great lunch-time break.

Tayla Flagstaff Gardens

“Rock Up Netball taught me a lot about the game of netball and improved my overall skill level, which really boosted my confidence.”

Tayla said that Rock Up Netball improved her speed, agility, balance and coordination. The 21-year-old competed in the Mornington Peninsula Football Netball League Open A-Grade, but retired from her career early after sustaining a ruptured ACL and torn meniscus. Rock Up Netball sessions cater to the participants, so Tayla had no trouble stepping back onto the court again. Now that Tayla knows she can play netball without pain, she is more motivated than ever to get back in the game.

Danielle Flagstaff Gardens

“It is a great program that challenges your fitness levels, but you are able to enjoy the hour with friends/co-workers.”

Dani joined Rock Up Netball at Flagstaff Gardens in preparation for her upcoming wedding. The soon-to-be bride enjoyed the flexibility of the program and said that she was able to attend the sessions that suited her. One of the things that Dani liked most about Rock Up Netball was the friendly environment; “Rock Up Netball allows you to spend time outside and have a laugh with co-workers and friends, so it was the perfect opportunity to do something I enjoy.

Ellie Flagstaff Gardens

“Whether you have been playing netball all of your life, or have never played before, Rock Up Netball is a program that everyone can enjoy and find beneficial.”

Ellie started playing netball at the age of 9 and has since played in both social and representative competitions. The 27-year-old joined Rock Up Netball to practice her technique and has noticed an improvement in her skills on the court as a result. Ellie said that the program was accommodating to all fitness levels and commended the coaches for providing fun fitness activities.

Hannah Flagstaff Gardens

“Rock Up Netball gives you the opportunity to meet lots of nice people and have fun while exercising.”

Hannah is involved in equestrian and competes in competitions throughout the state with her horse Phantom. She played netball from the age of 7-17, but stopped when the demands of equestrian required her full commitment. The flexibility of Rock Up Netball has enabled Hannah to begin playing netball again, without compromising her equestrian. Hannah has found that Rock Up Netball has actually improved her performance in equestrian. She feels healthier, happier and has loads of energy.

Gemma Pakenham

“The Rock Up Netball coaches certainly have some great tips and it’s definitely helped my game.”

Gemma joined Rock Up Netball in Pakenham, with daughter Charlie cheering from the bench. Gemma said that having an active lifestyle was something that was important to her and noted that she leads by example, encouraging her children to be happy and healthy. The program is affordable and flexible, which appealed to Gemma and enabled her to attend sessions despite her busy routine.

Lauren Pakenham

“I’m a mum of two toddlers and haven’t been doing much exercise, so I’m just getting back into it.”

Lauren woke up, served breakfast and took her two toddlers to day care before coming to the Rock Up Netball session in Pakenham. Lauren played netball growing up, but stopped when she had children. She said that Rock Up Netball was helping her get back into the game by improving her technique and her fitness.

Sabrina Keilor

“Allowed me to meet new people and develop new skills in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.”

Rock Up Netball gave me the opportunity to meet new people and have the courage to give new things a go without feeling embarrassed or pressured. I was able to learn and develop new skills in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. I attended Rock Up Netball as I wanted to try something different and get fit in a netball based environment as I love the game and am not a gym person. I would recommend Rock Up Netball to others as it is a fun and relaxed session which is taught for all abilities and ages. The coaches are all highly accredited and very patient but they also make sessions very enjoyable. I was able to always walk away learning something new or developing and correcting my skills.

Donna Wycheproof

“Rock Up Netball has given me more confidence.”

Donna joined Rock Up Netball with a friend and has really enjoyed meeting and playing with new people.

Netball Gala Day

“200 young migrants learnt how to play netball at the Netball Gala Day.”

200 young migrants were involved with the Rock Up Netball Play Festival at the Netball Victoria Gala Day! Over the program, newly arrived migrants (AEMS) are taught how to play and then come along as one and play!

Play Festival Docklands

“Mixed Competitions available in a fun and social setting.”

Pamela Box Hill

“I try and keep myself active as an example for them [my children”] to also do the same thing.”

Pamela stopped playing netball when she was 11 years old, but decided to take it up again when she turned 40 and experience the camaraderie of a team again. A mother of four young children, Pamela said that her three daughters saw her playing netball and have since joined local teams.

Pete Box Hill

“The coaching is fantastic and the atmosphere is really, really easy-going and friendly.”

Pete has two young sons who are obsessed with sport; football, cricket, basketball and netball in particular. She likes to stay fit and active to keep up with them since ‘they’re pretty young and pretty fast’. Pete’s sport of choice is netball. One of the best things about Rock Up Netball in Pete’s opinion is that everyone is incredibly friendly, even if a lot of people that go appear to know each other and play a lot of netball.

Anne Box Hill

“I’ve made such a wonderful group of friends and I don’t know what I’d do without them. They’ve made me get up out of bed in the mornings to play netball.”

Anne started playing netball to meet new people and encourages other women her age to do the same. One of her favourite things about the Rock Up Netball pilot sessions in Box Hill was that they went back to basics for anyone without formal training, but also challenged participants who had played netball for years. Anne admitted that she needed an exercise buddy to encourage her to keep active and therefore enjoyed the social aspect of Rock Up Netball.

Ness Box Hill

“It‘s heaps of fun and you don’t have to be of a high standard. You can be an elite athlete to play, but you can also be a beginner.”

Ness was diagnosed with post-natal depression in her early 30’s and said that a friend suggested joining a sport. Being able to express her emotions on the court with the support of other women has been a game changer for Ness who says she has never felt better. Ness enjoys both the social and technical elements of netball and coaches her children’s netball team, teaching netball techniques whilst encouraging teamwork and friendship.

Lissy Box Hill

“I think women, when they get to a certain age, get worried about trying new things... But don’t give up, come along! Just give it a crack.”

Lissy is training to be a Pilates instructor and finds that playing netball is complementary to her interest in the flexibility, strength and endurance of the human body. Lissy prefers team sports and finds that going to the gym is often very insular. Exercising with a group of people gives you the benefits of working out whilst also enabling you to meet new people and make friends.