Rock Up Netball is excited to launch our new website, with friendly features that'll make it easier than ever to play netball. This was developed based on participant feedback and research.


1. First up, if you're looking for a location near you or a specific program check out the map.
2. Register on your own, with a couple of friends or as a fill-in and we'll find you a team!
3. Fixtures, ladders and results to keep up to date.
4. The website is mobile friendly, so paying match fees can be done anywhere, anytime!

Each Event (Social Competition and Play Festival) has details for TEAM & INDIVIDUAL registrations.
To ensure we provide opportunities for everyone, we also have many FILL-IN Opportunities.

How to Register a Team

Click the Blue ‘Register your Team’ button and follow the prompts.
Once registered you will then receive a "captains email" with all the information you and your team mates require.
Your team mates will then join your team by clicking the Blue "Join your Team" button and following the links.

How to Register as an Individual

Click the Blue ‘Register as an Individual’ button and follow the prompts.
When registering as an Individual please enter information in the "Notes" section that will help us: e.g. play in the same team as "person name", etc.
We will notify you via email of your team name and details close to the start of the event.

How to Register as a Fill-In

Click the Blue ‘Join the Fill-in List’ button and follow the prompts.
You can then click the Pink ‘Fill-in Opportunities’ button to see what teams require a fill-in and follow the prompts.
Fill-in players are charged the "Individual Game Fee".